1067. Re: Python は教育用言語か?

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作者: Kazuya FUKAMACHI
日時: 2008/3/08(07:39)

Yukihiro Matsumoto さんは書きました:
> まず、Guidoが大学勤務のエンジニアとしてABCの開発に参加してい
> たのは事実です。でも彼が主導したプロジェクトというわけではな
> いので、彼自身が教育用言語を作りたいと思っていたとは限らない
> ことに注意してください。

Python を教育用言語として、最初から考えていたかというと、

ABC は、教育用途が念頭にあったようですが、
Python の場合は、RAD がメインで
"Python bridges the gap between C and the Unix shell"

以下、Guido van Rossum さんからのメッセージです。

Hello Programmers of Japan,

I'm delighted that there is interest in Python's early history in Japan!

To answer the question of whether Python was designed from the
beginning with education in mind, the answer has to be negative. My
goal was to have a language that I could use for rapid application
development. The original slogan was "Python bridges the gap between C
and the Unix shell". However, I borrowed many ideas and features from
an earlier (not so successful) language, ABC, which *was* designed
with education in mind. Here is its description in Wikipedia:

In the mid-nineties I started receiving reports from early Python
users that they had been successful in teaching it to their children,
and the idea of Python as a language for educational use formed. At
the time I worked at CNRI in Reston, Virginia. The "Computer
Programming For Everybody" (CP4E) project was devised there in the
late nineties. Its goal was to try and popularize the idea of using
Python in computer education, and specifically to develop tools that
would make using Python convenient for beginning computer users. I
believe the IDLE system came out of these efforts,though I cannot
remember with absolute accuracy whether it was developed with the
small amount DARPA funding received for CP4E. This was also the time
when we first started the edu-sig@... mailing list, which still
exists for the purpose of supporting educators who are teaching
Python. The CP4E project itself did not receive enough funding to be
truly viable, alas, and I quit my job at CNRI to be able to work on
open source full time. But others have continued the dream, and many
schools and universities over the world (and even summer camps) are
now teaching Python to children of most ages (starting at what we in
the US call 8th grade, when the students are 13-14 years old).

Thanks for your interest,

--Guido van Rossum
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